*If you are interested in reading more of my opinions on Redline, you can read this post I made on my personal blog from when I first watched the movie. Click here. -W


2 thoughts on “Redline

  1. Huh. Interesting perspective of Redline. Just curious, I assume you only watched it once right? I ended up watching it twice: first on my TV (and not in BD) and then on a big screen while at school (DVD still). I gained a greater appreciation of it the second time. The story is not going to rock your socks off, which I noticed the first time I watched it, and basically it takes too long to get to the set up for the Redline race. However, I gave it another shot and really enjoyed it the second time. I may have just been in a good mood that day, but since watching it then, I’ve basically become a fan of the film. It’s just different from stuff you’d see from anime nowadays, and I give it kudos for going out of the box.

    • You bring up a lot of excellent points. I think Crystal and I would both agree that this film covers new turf as well as revitalizing some old elements of the medium in a way that other shows aren’t willing to at the moment. I don’t know that a re-watch would do anything to change my mind as I have a pretty strong opinion of the characters and plot. Maybe in a couple years when that begins to fade a little I can give it another go, this time subbed and with a larger group of friends to liven up the atmosphere. Really it’s worth a re-watch solely for the artwork, but if I wanted to see art while avoiding the plot I could just go searching for AMV’s of the film and save myself some time. -W

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