My Neighbor Totoro





2 thoughts on “My Neighbor Totoro

  1. I remember watching My Neighbor Totoro last year — I didn’t love it. I just got the sense that it was definitely aimed for the kids, and very charming for adults. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched other Ghibli films (like Nausicaa, Kiki, Sprited Away), or maybe it is because of the plot elements like you both suggested, but I thought Totoro was ok.

    • In that case it may be that the genre isn’t quite up your alley. The Ghibli movies that you listed all had more action and adventure elements which really liven the movies up. My Neighbor Totoro is a pretty solid slice of life type film. I can definitely see how that would affect a lot of people’s opinions going into the film. Thanks for sharing your insights. – W

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