Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day



Crystal and I have been discussing putting together a podcast for one of our special number reviews. We’ve had a lot of friends suggest we do a podcast as it has a better potential, compared to writing, of capturing our inane twin ramblings that they’ve all been subjected to over the years. If you have a topic or any questions you would like to see discussed in our podcast, feel free to submit them to us and we will consider them. You can either email us at or write us a comment either here or on the About page.

Speaking of the About page, I have updated it with links to both of our My Anime List’s. You can browse through our lists and if you see a show that we’ve both watched or two that you’d like to see in our versus reviews, pop us an email or comment and we’ll take it into consideration. Be warned that anything we’ve watched longer than a year or two ago may be too long ago for us to properly write about. Memories get a bit hazy in graduate school. – W


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