I’m from the midwest, and have lived in some various part of the midwest, for the majority of my life. I recently graduated from a college in the Chicago area with my MFA in Design with a focus in Time Arts. I have my BFA in Drawing, and my BS in Art Education (I’m certified to teach Art K-12). During my undergraduate degree, I was president of my college’s anime club for two years. Stereo Otaku is my brainchild. I’ve written a bit about anime before on another blog, but I wanted to do a project that was exclusive to anime and manga. I knew doing the site with Crystal, would be great motivation to stay in contact (this was our first time living in different states), to keep watching anime, and to work on our writing skills. I should just say my skills, because Crystal’s writing is already elite.  I’m in charge of the “advertising” and art for the site. We both do twitter posts, but 9 times out of 10 I’m the one posting. Now that we have graduated and moved back to our home state, we are re-vamping the website and format of our reviews. It has always been expressed to us that to really capture the essence of Stereo Otaku that we should do podcasts. Now that we have more time and technical know-how, we will be switching to a podcast format for the majority of updates.

Okay, enough with the technical stuff. My first exposure to “anime” is hard to quantify. Technically it would probably be My Neighbor Totoro, the fox version, which was gifted to my family by my aunt, who is Japanese. At the time I had no idea it was “anime”, I’m not even sure at 6 that I realized it was “Japanese”, though I did notice there were some odd cultural differences. To this day, it still remains one of my top favorite movies, and is my “sick movie” I watch every time I’m feeling down. During my elementary years I fell in love with Pokemon, just like everyone else my age. Again, it didn’t really sink in that it was “anime”, though I started to really pick up on oddities, like they always ate weird looking “doughnuts”… The first “anime” that I was obsessed with, and realized it was Japanese, was Cardcaptors. I loved the heck out of that show, and then I found the Japanese version, and fell in love all over again. Just like many others my age, Clamp was the door to my introduction into anime and manga. I am a Clamp fanatic, who over the years has realized just how horrible much of it is. Sadly I can’t help but wanna catch them all.

During the 90’s and early 2000’s a lot of new anime was produced and brought over to America. During that time I refused to watch “dubs”, which looking back, is pretty embarrassing to admit. Ugh, the mind of a teenager. XD So many of the staple shows people watched on t.v. I have either never seen, or am only just now watching for the first time. Therefore my reviews on those shows aren’t going to be influenced by nostalgia the same way they will be for Crystal or other people.

Probably the most important thing to know while reading/listening to our reviews is that I love slice-of-life and comedy. I’m not quite so interested in action or sci-fi. I tend to space out while watching anything with mecha, unless it has other strong elements like politics or comedy. I do watch some moe, I love Key’s anime series. My moe taste is really different than Crystal’s. She’d rather cry her eyes out, and I’d rather watch a parody, such as Moetan, and bust a gut laughing. I still have yet to get her to watch Moetan, so it’ll just have to be a versus review. And of course I love all forms of shoujo and josei. Actually, make that seinen as well, really the only thing that’s hard to get into is the long running shounen shows. I’ve probably read more manga than anime, and my default opinion usually is that the anime is good, but the manga is better.

And just in case anyone is interested, I do like playing some video games, but I’m extremely casual. Right now I’m playing Animal Crossing Wild World and trying to obsessively collect everything.

In addition to anime, manga, and games, I love arts and crafts. During my free time I crochet and sew tons of plushies and write up my own patterns. I designed my own tachikoma pattern, and I hope in the future to make more wonderful patterns to share with other fiber inclined anime fans.

Obviously I could just keep going and going… If you have any questions leave a comment or email us at stereootaku@gmail.com


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