Whitney: MFA in Design (Time Arts), BFA in Studio (Drawing), BS in Art Education

Crystal: MLA in Library Science, MA in English, BA in English

Crystal and Whitney are fraternal twins whose various passions in life consist of art, literature, and an appreciation for other cultures. Together they have obsessed over a multitude of fandoms, foremost anime & manga.

Despite their obvious shared interest in animation. Crystal and Whitney still retain their own unique viewpoints on shows. The reviews on this site are aimed to give readers a surround sound experience from the eyes of two similar, yet different opinions on the shows you love and hate from the world of anime & manga.

Contact Stereo Otaku at: stereootaku@gmail.com

Whitney’s My Anime List

Crystal’s My Anime List

If you have suggestions for review topics, you can browse through our watched lists and leave a comment on this page or email us at the above email address. We can’t promise anything (specially since our memories are hazy on a lot of the older shows we’ve watched) but we’ll be sure to consider any suggestions for future review.

Check out this interview Whitney did as part of Justin’s Thursday Lab Report with Organization Anti-Social Geniuses.


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