Q: What is Stereo Otaku?

A: Stereo Otaku is a blog dedicated to reviewing the shows you love and hate from the world of anime & manga. We use our “twinness” as an opportunity to entertain and inform our audience about various shows. Despite our shared interests in animation, we still retain our own unique views on shows. Our reviews are juxtaposed to highlight a series through our similar, yet different, points-of-view.

Q: If there is no music, why is it called “Stereo” Otaku?

A: We use “stereo” in the sense that stereo audio means audio that comes from two speakers, from different points, at the same time. We came up with this idea as a bit of a joke between us and a friend, who is among other things, an audio engineer. When we are together in a room, we tend to isolate other people with our unobstructed noise making. Good luck if you ever get between us, because we’ll surround you with our incessant coded chatter from both sides.

Q: How often does Stereo Otaku update?

A: Stereo Otaku used to update every Tuesday. Now that Crystal and I have graduated and become true members of society, we have stopped writing reviews. We may continue down the line once we have become adjusted to our new lines of work. No promises though. When we first began writing reviews every 10th review was a “versus” review, then it changed to every 5th review.

For our 25th review we made a podcast, for our 50th review we featured 10 worst anime that we’ve dropped, and our 100th review featured guest reviewers. We are interested in featuring more guest reviews in the future if time allows.

We also have mini Twitter reviews that consist of one to two sentence recaps and opinions on the shows we are currently watching (posted immediately after the episode is watched). We word it in a way to limit spoilers for those who haven’t seen it, yet make it interesting and at times humorous for those who have, or are currently watching the series.


If you have any other questions for Crystal and Whitney, feel free to leave a comment or email us at stereootaku@gmail.com

You can follow us on twitter @stereootaku or like us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/StereoOtaku


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